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Our family pioneers the art of rubber processing since 1952 in rubber works.Our family owned the first company to start white color rice dehusking rubber roller with all german technology in India.

Soon in 1955 we introduced white color super soft printing rubber rollers and our family has the proud of serving the Nasik Indian currency press for a period of 16 years by our Bombay unit.





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We are an eminent manufacturer of rubber rollers in India.Product includes the basic requirements of a product which are necessary to deliver the functions of benefits for the customer.


Our products come with a quality which is assured since 68 years. As a quality assurance manager would also include aware of quality requirements, quality assurance managers provide training in best practices.


We have Capacity to manufacture rubber rollers up to running speed of 300 mtr/min.A quality product and services offers your internal users answers to these questions and improves service provided during the process.

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Manufacturers And Suppliers Of Printing Rubber Rollers, Industrial Rubber rollers, Conveyor Rubber Rollers, Poly Urethane Dye Cast Rollers, Copper Electroplated Rollers, Nikal Electroplated Rollers, Thermal Spray Coatings and Acid Tank Rubber Lining etc.
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